This blog is purely meant to be a source of encouragement.  My spiritual gift is exhortation, so this is a heartfelt expression from a woman who seeks hope in Christ Jesus through strong, unshakable faith that is derived from a personal relationship with God and the power of His living word.  The scriptures used on this blog are ones that the Holy Spirit impresses upon my heart and brings to my remembrance during times of doubt or discouragement or even joyous times in my life and in the lives of others. It helps me to keep my mind pure and open to all of the blessings that God has for my life whether life is good or bad. I can always refer back to this blog when I need encouragement and I hope that you do the same. God is powerful and his word is real. God is love. Love is powerful.

Faith.Hope.Love…among these three things Love is the greatest. iHope! and pray that my inspirational sources can be showered upon people through this personal blog that I originally meant to edify, restore and encourage myself……Let the love of God infiltrate your life. Let his hope inspire you each day, you deserve it. I love hope.


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