Lifetime. Life. Time.

April 4, 2013

Life is made up of time. . . think of the word “lifetime”. We spend our day watching the clock to ensure that we are where we should be when we should be there. We calculate how much time it will take to perform tasks, travel from point A to point b, get ready for the day, prepare a meal….we are conscious of time in all that we do and often it seems as though we never have enough of it.

With the time that we do have we must be very aware of what we are doing with it and why. If we waste our time, we are wasting our lives. God, however, is timeless. He is eternal and he created time. With the time that we have we must use it to draw closer to God and seek his purpose for our lives. If we are able to live out our purpose in this life time that is the best use of our time. Part of our purpose is to have a relationship with the Lord. The quality of our relationship with God largely dictates the relationships that we have with other people. We must question ourselves: “What is my relationship like with God?” “What is my relationship like with the people in my life?”.

If you are not fulfilling your purpose there is a guarantee that you are wasting your time. Live your life in a manner that honors time, honors God and honors your family and friends. Use your time wisely.

The caviat to time is patience. We must learn patience, if we don’t we will often be frustrated and agitated. We will not be able to endure life’s lessons and draw from  the wisdom that is inherit in those lessons. One of the best revelations God has given me is that patience is time well spent. . .

Exercise: We are taught to tithe 10 percent of our money, but how about we do what with our time as well?


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