Having it All…

August 16, 2012

When I reflect on my life I think of the things I want that I don’t have yet and the things that I have acquired that help me measure my personal success. Regardless of what they are, material or non material the fact of the matter is that I have everything I need with a long list of wants that I interchange with needs in my own mind. I found an old email that I sent to a friend and wonder how I got so far away from this way of thinking when I arrived at these revelations through prayer:

1) All I need is GOD. God is everything so everything else…the air that I breathe, my family, my car, my friends …its extra. EVERYTHING that isnt God is extra, so how blessed I am to have anything at all….

3) When God says let go. Let GO! because he will replace it with something so much better and fuller and more meaningful for my life and my heart and my purpose.

4) I can choose any day to be the best day of my life. why not today!? this is such an amazing day. such an amazing day

2) I dont have to worry about anything. Ever. at all..for any reason. I dont have to stress. ever again for the rest of my life and I will be covered. God will cover me, and have my back and protect me. Even if the worst possible version of the worst case scenario happened I’d end up in heaven. So…when someone does something awful and rotton…who cares. No sweat off my back because I am gona be just fine. Here I am after going thru all ive gone thru in life and Im just fine.


Coming back to this email helps me keep my life in perspective…


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