Healthy Relationships

June 18, 2012

Relationships intertwine us and help validate our existence.  The most important relationship that we have is the one that we share with God.  God created us for eternal relationship with him, and our relationship with him directly affects our relationships with other people.  Some relationships come easier than others.  Some relationships are extremely difficult and emotionally taxing.

There are multiple different levels of relationships that we can enjoy and benefit from. From casual acquaintances to soul mates, they matter and play an intrical role in our journey called life.  Sometimes we really have to step back and evaluate ourselves to determine if we are in healthy relationship with the Lord and if we are in healthy relationship with those that the Lord have placed in our lives. In order to do that, we have to ask Him for the opportunity to go deeper with him and to get to know him on a newer more intimate level and the remnants of that will inevitably spill over into the relationships that we have with people in our lives. We have to be proactive about pursuing healthy relationships with people. We must realize that God blesses us THROUGH people. He uses people to deliver words of encouragement, provision, resources, help, love, comfort, friendship, knowledge, fun and so much more. God uses people to deliver on his promises. God will work through people to reach you, so that his will may be done in your life. What if someone who you are holding a grudge against has something you need the most? What if you are the person that God is using as a vessel to pass a blessing through to someone you don’t like, but you know that person can benefit from the blessing that God has for them?

Its practically impossible to like everyone and to be liked by all.  Its impossible to get it right the first time, every time….sometimes we make mistakes. The main issue is bringing our faults to the Lord and asking for forgiveness and forgiving our transgressors as well. Sometimes God will show us that the things that hurt us the most, or bother us the most are the things that WE DO TO HIM. Have some grace….and let’s get right with God and each other.


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