Sometimes the Journey is Golden

January 8, 2009

So, this year let me guess…you didn’t even make a new years resolution because you didn’t think you would have the will power to be able to see it through to the end (just like all the other years when you made promises to STOP being late everywhere you go, or stick to your diet/workout regimen, start going to church every Sunday….the list goes on.)  Newsflash: 9:07 is not 9:00…start getting to work on time lol.  Ok enough of me being facetious, so this year lets focus on time.  Let’s focus on the fact that God gives us 24 hours in a day. Time is of the essence right? Time is money. Time is important. Our life is made up of time. Lifetime. OK so now that you get the point lets assess how we use our time throughout the day from the time we wake up to the time we go to sleep.  Are we being effective with our 24 hour allotment?  Are we being good stewards of the time God gives us each day? Are we resting enough? Even God took a day off to rest! Are we being productive enough? How much time each day, do you spend wasting it?  How much time do you spend rushing?  Are you a procrastinator? All of these pressing questions are all questions I need to ask myself and then answer with truthfulness in order to assess whether or not I am making the most of my daily schedule. Days make up weeks…weeks make up months…months make up years, so we may as well develop good daily habits in order create a satisfying life stlye.  The point is not to be a machine or to wear myself out.  The point is to use my time wisely so that I can be as productive as possible without losing my mind.


So….in keeping with the notion of rushing, I feel that it is important to address the fact that I sometimes procrastinate to the degree that I waste time and end up having to rush in  order to complete a task.  It has become such a bad habit that I have been hoping to break soon.  I just want to quit cold turkey, but first I must determine what my patterns are so that I can adjust them accordingly right?

What about rushing in the sense that sometimes we want the end results so bad that we miss the journey?  Sometimes we anticipate something so bad that we become so preoccupied with obtaining the results we are hoping for, but usually the best part of the process is the path that led us to the sweet end.  Usually much growth comes out of a journey.  Even when it hurts to grow, even when it hurts to succumb to change and renewal, its part of life and its part of God’s plan for preparing us for his promises.  Sometimes we want to ignore the trials that God may allow for us to face but often they are hard to circumvent, let alone endure. Psalms 30:5 says: “…weeping may endure for a night, but joy cometh in the morning.”

I am learning that the things we have to fight for the most are the things worth fighting for.  The things that come easy don’t generate the same type of intrinsic satisfaction, nor do they incur the same capacity of growth and personal enrichment.  I want to be of substance, and I want to be better at being me.  There is no way I can upgrade without going through the process. Just picture Windows 95….now picture Windows Vista, 95 worked for 1995 really well didn’t it?  Well…along the innovative journey there were some upgrades.  Its still Windows but better.  We should desire the same thing but know that it takes time and its worth it. Just be patient.  Patience is a virtue and its not just about waiting, its about the attitude you have towards  waiting.

As I reflect on my life and my growth overtime I saw “wow” what a journey.  If i had rushed through the events that got me to my golden moments they wouldn’t be golden at all now would they?  Sometimes the journey is golden….

time. a lifetime of golden journeys. patience.


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