January 6, 2009

Well, let’s not waste any time here. We live in a world that can sometimes smother us with hopelessness and negativity.  How is it that despite of the horrifying things that are happening around us there is still a possibility of hope?  People are desperate for a reason to breathe a sigh of relief in knowing that everything will be ok.  There are millions of people addicted to prescription drugs to keep their anxiety levels from going overboard.  Are you one of them??  There are several people without jobs who have degrees….several beautiful women and handsome men who are unmarried and waiting for love to come swept them off their feet.  There are dreams in the heart of many that lay dormant because of the discouraging words of others that took root and  just wont go away.  I declare that these situations are all nothing more than stepping stones in life.  Anything that surfaces in life ,that seems as though its impossible, is either a stepping stone or a hurdle.  Either way, you have to GET OVER IT….and iHope that you do.  Why don’t you join me on a hopeful journey that will be life changing as we seek hope and inspiration in this secret place…away from all the negative people who always have something awful to say.  Lets steal away on this blog and embrace the hope that we may not be inspired by elsewhere…..

Though I have experienced many situations that could have left me feeling utterly hopeless, I still have hope in my heart and always will!  iHope that you are inspired by the daily thoughts and inspirations I find through my connection to something so much bigger than me….and that is God and his undying love that I can never be separated from. (**Romans 8:38-39)


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